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Gabriel to RegData – how are you finding it?

On 21 January 2021, the FCA published a press release announcing that 50% of firms who have previously submitted their regulatory reporting on Gabriel are now using RegData. The FCA stated that it will continue to move firms across to RegData over the next few months and urged firms that are still using Gabriel to […]

Bounce Back Loans

Everything you need to know about BBL’s 7th September 2020 Launched by Chancellor Rishi Sunak back on the 4th May, Bounce Back Loans (BBL) are aimed at smaller businesses who are struggling financially due to COVID-19. These loans are much more favourable than standard commercial or personal loans as they’re 100% government-backed and much easier to obtain. […]

MyGabriel – filing checklist

This is the Pre Gabriel Checklist that our Consultants use when working through each customers information prior to filing their Gabriel return to the FCA. We work with you to ensure each of the following has been done: All bank transactions recorded System bank balances agree to statements at reporting date System adjusted to agree […]

Importance of the pre filing review meetings

An important component of your annual subscription to MyGabriel is the pre filing review that is provided prior to you filing your Gabriel return. These online sessions ensure that you have everything in order for your Gabriel return.The Support team see the following areas regularly requiring extra attention:   Staff Register MyGabriel Users occasionally forget to […]

Total control over business finances for Woodwards Financial Planning

Woodwards Financial Planning is a Sole Adviser that started off as part of a network and became directly authorised in December 2014. Before Jonathan Woodwards, Director of Woodwards Financial Planning becameauthorised, he was told that completing the Gabriel report was illogical and a time-consuming experience which made him anxious to take on. Jonathan discovered MyGabriel […]