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Switch from Gabriel to RegData – what does it mean for me and my firm?

The switch from Gabriel to RegData appears to be imminent and the FCA are going to start migrating users in the next few weeks.

We do not have a firm date/time for when this will affect MyGabriel users, but we are in close contact with the FCA to ensure this is managed smoothly.

We are hopeful that you will not see any difference in how you currently work, as we will manage the changes within the software and you will carry on working unchanged.

In preparation for the move, firm users simply need to register for RegData by logging into Gabriel and completing the on-screen prompts, which they have been able to do since 2 April.

We have anticipated a few questions that MyGabriel customers may have and used past feedback we have received from the FCA to craft some answers, as follows.

When a user is migrated will their Gabriel credentials be removed?

FCA: We will migrate a firm and as part of that migration include any users associated with the firm. A user that is associated with a migrated firm will still be able to access to Gabriel for three main reasons:

  1. So that they can complete the registration process for RegData that is currently available in Gabriel, in case they didn’t complete it prior to their firm being migrated;
  2. To cater for instances where a user may have access to more than one firm and not all of their firms are migrated at the same time;
  3. For whatever reason, the user wasn’t aware that their firm was being migrated, e.g. they have been on an extended leave of absence or they missed the email reminders.

If not what will happen when a migrated user logs in to Gabriel? 

FCA: It depends on how many firms a user is associated with and whether each firm has been migrated or not. The following key scenarios apply:

  1. User has access to a single firm, the firm has been migrated to RegData but the user has not completed the registration process in Gabriel – the user can log into Gabriel and complete the registration process. Once completed, they can click on a link that will take them to the RegData homepage to log in. The user cannot do anything else in Gabriel other than complete the registration process.
  2. User has access to a single firm, the firm has been migrated to RegData and the user has completed the registration process – the user can still log into Gabriel but all they can do is click on a link that will take them to the homepage for RegData.
  3. User has access to multiple firms, some have been migrated to RegData and some have not – the user can log into Gabriel and they will be presented with a full list of firms that they have access to, with a column that make clear which have been migrated and which haven’t. Clicking on the link for a non-migrated firm will take them to the reporting schedule in Gabriel where they can continue to report until the firm is migrated at a later date. Clicking on the link of a migrated firm will take them to the RegData homepage.  

Will RegData have new credentials or use the FCA Connect credentials?

FCA: Users will need to log into RegData with their FCA Connect credentials. This is why we are asking firms to either link their existing Connect credentials or create a new Connect account as part of the registration process in Gabriel. Note that where a user needs to create a new Connect account, this is purely for authentication purposes and to create a userid and password for RegData; they won’t be given any other access rights in Connect.

Will RegData hold all the historic submissions that presently exist on Gabriel?

FCA: Yes, we are migrating across all firm submission histories from Gabriel into RegData, which will be accessible to the user in the same way as now (by viewing the Submission History). We will also be migrating partially-completed items from a firm’s schedule – for example, if a user has a data item in Draft state on their schedule immediately prior to their migration, we will take that across including any data that it is populated with and will place it on their RegData schedule so that they can finish populating it and submit it in RegData.

Please be aware that this situation could change as the migration process progresses, and we will issue updates to this as and when required.

If you have questions, please direct them to support@mygabriel.co.uk

Thank you

The MyGabriel Team.

More information on RegData here – https://www.fca.org.uk/firms/regdata

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