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MyGabriel – filing checklist

This is the Pre Gabriel Checklist that our Consultants use when working through each customers information prior to filing their Gabriel return to the FCA.

We work with you to ensure each of the following has been done:

  • All bank transactions recorded
  • System bank balances agree to statements at reporting date
  • System adjusted to agree to last year ends trial balance and filed accounts – we can assist with this
  • Settings/Staff register updated for Starters, Leavers, SPS dates for Investment advisers
  • Settings/MyCharges updated for any changes at year end
  • Settings/Complaints updated
  • Corporation Tax when paid to use the Current Liability heading
  • Fixed Assets when recorded use balance sheet headings
  • Capital element of hire Purchase payments to use balance sheet liability headings

Your MyGabriel subscription covers this service and it has proven very popular with hundreds of MyGabriel users.

Call Shauna Dale on Direct Dial 0161 413 5054 or email support@mygabriel.co.uk if you have any further questions about this topic.

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