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Lotus Benefits Consulting Producing monthly reports at a touch of a button

Lotus Benefits Consulting are a general practice that has been established since August 1995.

Kiran Shah, Director of Lotus Benefits Consultants found it difficult to produce the relevant information for the FCA on time which became a struggle for his business. Before becoming a Financial Adviser, Kiran was an accountant so he didn’t think producing a Gabriel report would be too difficult.

Kiran got in touch with our support team to see if the accounting package would assist with the Gabriel report – this was when Kiran was introduced to MyGabriel.

Kiran signed up for the free trial to see how MyGabriel would help him manage his reports more efficiently and allow him to submit on time. With assistance provided by our helpful support team, Kiran was able to work his way around the system and start to build and record all his business transactions easily.

Since trialling MyGabriel, Kiran was extremely impressed at how user friendly and easy-to-use the system was. Kiran has been able to produce monthly reports and have a clear audit trail of his business.

He has reduced his accountant’s fees and has been able to supply all the information at the touch of a button which has massively reduced his time spend on his accounts.

Kiran commented “We were using Sage. It was costly, over complicated and did not complete the report as MyGabriel does. Also, your system is simple and cost effective”.

MyGabriel is a cloud based, simple bookkeeping package that completes all sections of the Gabriel report and automatically submits to the FCA.


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