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Total control over business finances for Woodwards Financial Planning

Woodwards Financial Planning is a Sole Adviser that started off as part of a network and became directly authorised in December 2014. Before Jonathan Woodwards, Director of Woodwards Financial Planning became
authorised, he was told that completing the Gabriel report was illogical and a time-consuming experience which made him anxious to take on.

Jonathan discovered MyGabriel on SimplyBiz’s website when he was looking for a compliance support firm.

After speaking to SimplyBiz and the MyGabriel team, Jonathan went on and
purchased MyGabriel. Jonathon explained “The product is superb. Whilst it makes completing Gabriel a 20-minute exercise, this is not the main benefit. The main benefits, in my opinion are a feeling of absolute control over the business financials and significantly increased accounting knowledge.

The accounting knowledge has been gleaned from both using it and talking, particularly in the early stages whilst ‘learning the ropes’, to the genuinely helpful staff working at My Gabriel.

The effect of looking at profit & loss accounts and your balance sheet on an
almost daily basis, is obviously additional accounting knowledge and this, as you would expect, has been of significant value when in discussion with
company directors and accountants.

“MyGabriel has helped me complete the Gabriel return in a surprisingly short period of time and I have now been using the software for approximately 18 months.

My accountancy bill was £160 per month/£1,920 per annum. It is now reduced to just £400 per annum + VAT.”

MyGabriel is a cloud based, simple bookkeeping package, that completes all sections of the Gabriel Report and automatically submits to the FCA.

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