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Molyneux Financial Planning – Minimal Time and Effort to Produce a Gabriel Report

Established in 2011, November March Ltd t/a Molyneux Financial Planning is a boutique financial planning company which offers tax strategic advice to clients.

Submitting their Gabriel Report to the FCA had become really frustrating, especially when it came to organising all the data and information required to submit their report. Collating all the information including expenses, income and trial balances took them a large amount of time and effort, which could have been better spent on clients and earning them money.

Realising pretty quickly that a solution was required to help them submit their return Denese Molyneux, Chartered Financial Planner and Registered Trust and Estate Practitioner of Molyneux Financial Planning contacted SimplyBiz for help and advice.

SimplyBiz pointed Denese in the direction of MyGabriel’s helpful and knowledgeable staff – who in turn provided Denese with a demonstration of the MyGabriel software.

After seeing the benefits and the ease of use of MyGabriel, Denese was sold and she went on to purchase the software. She has now been using the software for over 4 years with no regrets.

Denese commented “MyGabriel without a doubt saves me time and money – I charge an hourly fee and the more time I spend on administration the less time I can charge my clients – I absolutely love MyGabriel.”

MyGabriel is a cloud based, simple bookkeeping package, that completes all sections of the Gabriel Report and automatically submits to the FCA.

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