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Lief Financial Discover How MyGabriel can help their business

Lief Financial are a small friendly firm based in Stroud who work mainly in the finance, protection, general insurance and estate management arena.

Before Ian Nie from Lief Financial discovered MyGabriel, every six months he would spend 2-3 days compiling info from an excel spreadsheet and wasn’t able to get his accounts done within the 6-week window. When he subscribed to MyGabriel he found it a very smooth transition, with help from the support team “that was invaluable his first year”.

SimplyBiz introduced Ian on a trial basis, and during that he felt MyGabriel worked “very well and the ability to segment income at the point of entry was invaluable, saving me hours of analysis.”.

During the sales process one of the main features obvious to Ian was “the promise of saving me time, allowing me to get on with my business.” After Ian started using MyGabriel he found that it saved his accountant some efforts too.

Ian said “It was the best £250 I’ve spent” for an efficient package, he stated he could have used systems like Sage but they wouldn’t help with GABRIEL. He now spends under 1 hour to double check over categories, and then someone at MyGabriel reviews and helps him submit the data, then “bish bash bosh it’s done!”

MyGabriel is a simple bookkeeping package that completes all sections of the Gabriel report and automatically submits to the FCA.

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